Code of Ethics

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We want to introduce you to our code of professional conduct. A code of basic principles to make you feel protected with the advice we give you and verify that we work professionally and rigorously.

Our goal is to provide you as a foreign buyer or investor, the best guarantees in your purchase or real estate investment in the area of L’Ametlla de Mar, El Perelló and L’Ampolla.

And to you, as an owner wishing to sell your property, a professional advisory and valuation service to be able to sell your property quickly and at the best market price.

We have established a Code of Ethics, because we take it as an obligation to treat our customers on the basis of these principles:

Ethical Principle No.1

In order to provide the best possible service we take as an obligation to keep us informed about the real estate legislation affecting Catalonia and the conditions of the real estate market in this province. Only in this way can we show you that we are competent and we can offer you the best advice.

Ethical Principle No.2

We also take it as an obligation not to accept any mission that exceeds our area of expertise. We are good at what we do and if we can’t provide optimal service we tell you. We say things as they are and with the utmost righteousness. We only process the sale of homes in L’Ametlla de Mar, El Perelló and L’Ampolla. This is our specialization.

Ethical Principle No.3

We do not promote or offer any property that we do not know in detail and have previously analyzed or verified. This guarantees, if you are our client, that the property you purchase is not overvalued and complies with all the legislation in force in L’Ametlla de Mar, El Perelló and L’Ampolla to be legally and ethically passed on to you as a buyer and new owner

Ethical Principle No.4

We take as an obligation to promote each property that enters our portfolio in a reliable way, without exaggeration, without hiding circumstances and providing all the data, positive and negative of all our properties.

Ethical Principle No.5

With our years of experience and with permanent and specific professional training; we have learned to safeguard their interests as a client, while safeguarding our own, without both conflicting.

Only by acting with this business ethic can we avoid misunderstandings and compromising situations that will negatively impact on all parties involved: you, us and the owner of the property.

Ethical Principle No.6

Our code of ethics requires us to be transparent with you and to require that you, as a customer, be transparent with us. Our service does not refer to selling you a property or being mere intermediaries.

We understand our work as providing a professional real estate advisory service; where we help you buy your property quickly. And to achieve this we need to invest time and effort in performing this service, to be trained to do so and for you to be honest with us.

Although our code of ethics also includes other obligations that we have self-imposed, the 6 points above summarize how we do our work and advice in our real estate agency.

Every Professional Advisor Needs a Real Estate Code of Ethics

We don’t like to play with words; so we want you to know what we, in essence, understand what it means to work with professionalism as a real estate consultant.

We fight fraud, the erroneous presentation of any property or incorrect practices in the real estate sector and strive to eliminate within our community any practice likely to cause harm to the public or to the dignity of our real estate profession in the area in which we work.

We are proud to implement our corporate values, our customers appreciate it and we all win.

Contact us when you need to buy a property in the area of L’Ametlla de Mar, El Perellor L’Ampolla. If we can help you, we’ll do it based on our code of ethics.

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