Health care for foreigners in L’Ametlla de Mar.

AHealth care for foreigners in L'Ametlla de Mar.

Health care for foreigners in L’Ametlla de Mar.

How do I have access to health care for foreigners in Spain?  This is a common question that our clients ask us when they buy a house or a flat in L’Ametlla de Mar.

In this article we are going to inform foreigners how to enjoy quality health care in Spain.

Health care for foreigners in Spain through the Social Security is guaranteed to people who have the status of insured. Those who are in one of the following situations will have the status of insured person:

Being an employed or self-employed worker, affiliated to the Social Security and in a situation of registration or assimilated to that of registration.

Be a pensioner in the Social Security system.

Be in receipt of any other periodic Social Security benefit, including unemployment benefit and subsidy or others of a similar nature.

To have exhausted the unemployment benefit or subsidy or other benefits of a similar nature, to be unemployed, not to prove the status of insured person by any other title and to reside in Spain.


Health Care for Foreigners. Residents and Immigrants.

Foreigners with authorization to reside in Spain have the same legal status as EU foreigners or similar. Health care for foreigners does not distinguish between residents and immigrants.

Therefore, foreigners who are not registered or authorized as residents in Spain are only entitled to receive health care in the following modalities:

1.- As an emergency due to serious illness or accident, whatever the cause, until they are medically discharged.

2.- As assistance for pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum. In any case, foreigners under 18 years of age receive health care under the same conditions as Spaniards.

Therefore, any citizen of a European Union member state residing in Spain is entitled to receive health care for foreigners from our public health system. In order to access this service, you must first apply for an Individual Health Card from the competent body in the Autonomous Community of residence. This card is personal and non-transferable.

Although the health card itself does not contain patient health information, its great advantage is that it does contain the identifiers and unified data necessary to be able to access the SNS digital medical record from any Spanish health centre where the patient has been treated or from any pharmacy office to access electronic prescriptions pending dispensing, with the improvements this entails in the continuity of care when citizens travel around Spain.


Health Care for Foreigners. Temporary Residents.

Citizens of any member country of the European Union, as well as Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, who are temporarily resident in Spain for work, study, leisure or other reasons, may also receive health care for foreigners in case of need by presenting the so-called European Health Insurance Card.

This card is personal and non-transferable, is valid for a specific period of time and must be applied for in the country of origin before travelling to Spain. Its holder will receive the same health benefits as any resident citizen. However, the European Health Insurance Card is not valid if the purpose of the temporary stay in Spain is to receive specialized medical treatment here. In such cases, a certificate expressly authorizing the benefit will be required.

The Spanish Social Security will subsequently claim reimbursement of the cost of the health services provided from the health system of the patient’s country of origin.


Health care for foreigners in L’Ametlla de Mar. Questions

These are the questions most frequently asked by our clients when they wish to buy a house in L’Ametlla de Mar regarding health care for foreigners.

Question 1: Where do I have to go to obtain the health care card for foreigners?

At the administrative unit of the health centre that corresponds to your usual place of residence. Consult the health centres and clinics by municipality in the L’Ametlla de Mar Region and you will find the details of your health centre. You can also go to the health centre closest to your home.

Question 2: If I have not received my health care card for foreigners, if it has been stolen, lost, damaged, etc. Where should I go to report this and get a new card processed?

To the administrative unit of the health centre to which you are assigned.

Question 3: What should I do to report changes in identification data or address?

Go to the administrative unit of the health centre to which you are assigned.

Question 4: Where do I report a change of accreditation (from active to pensioner, etc.)?

Go to the administrative unit of the health centre to which you are assigned.

Question 5: Is it possible to use the health care card for foreigners in another Autonomous Community?

Yes, the individual health care card allows access to the services of the entire National Health System.

Question 6: Is the health care card for foreigners issued by the Spanish health services valid for use abroad?

No. For this, you must obtain the European Health Insurance Card.

Question 7: What is the accreditation document for health care for foreigners for a temporary stay abroad in a country other than their own?

In the European Union and European Economic Area (including Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and Switzerland: you need the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card).

Countries with an agreement: the document indicated in the agreement.

Question 8: Where and how can I obtain a European Health Insurance Card?

Please consult the information on how to apply for a European Health Insurance Card provided by the Social Security.

Question 9: How long is the health care card for foreigners valid for?

The Spanish health care card is valid from the date of receipt until the expiry date indicated on the card. The expiry date has nothing to do with ceasing to be entitled to health care on that date.

Please leave a comment on this article: Do you think that the health care card for foreigners in Spain covers all the needs of a foreigner? We are interested in your opinion.

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