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Our advisory service goes beyond the simple sale of real estate, because our job is not to sell a property, but to satisfy a need. Our work starts from before the product is released to the market and ends at the happy moment when we deliver the property to the customer to their satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive real estate advisory service when buying next home in
L’Ametlla de Mar, El Perelló or L’Ampolla
; whether it’s buying your apartment or your home in any of the areas of this beautiful area.

You’re in good hands with us. Our real estate advice is different,personalized and above all highly effective.

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Real Estate Advice Buying a Property

We offer you a professional real estate advisory service in
L’Ampolla, L’Ametlla de Mar and El Perelló
. We are not mere intermediaries interested in selling apartments, houses or homes. We’re consultants.

We consider our work as an advice through which we help buy your home with guarantees. Please see our Professional Code of Ethics.

We like what we do, we know what we do and we know very well the real estate market in L’Ametlla de Mar, El Perelló or L’Ampolla. You will be the first beneficiary of our professionalism.

We know where and how to find the flats or houses our customers are looking for. We only offer apartments and houses that have an adequatemarket price, are well located and have all the necessary data for your sale.

All the properties we offer are of quality and a good opportunity to buy, rent or invest for you. Call us and we’ll prove it to you.

Real Estate Advice Sale of your Property

A service for Owners interested in selling their property. We are continuously looking for flats, apartments and houses in various areas ofL’Ametlla de Mar, El Perelló or L’Ampolla for our customers.

Due to the way we work, every week we get requests from clients looking for a particular apartment or house and ask us to help you find it through our real estate advice.

Although we have a wide portfolio of houses and apartments for sale in L’Ametlla de Mar, El Perelló or L’Ampolla, sometimes we do not have the property our customers want; so we’re always capturing properties that we sell quickly. Our way of working guarantees us in a 90 that you sell quickly.

Our successful real estate advisory strategy starts from the moment you contact us. After a conversation by phone we will inform you if we can help you, (we do not accept any type of apartment or house in our portfolio), and if so we will arrange a meeting as soon as possible to analyze your property,advise you without obligation and detail our service and way of working.

Appraisal of your Property.

We provide a real estate advisory service to determine the actual market value of your apartment or home at a given time, according to your physical characteristics.

Our reviews are rigorous and professional.

With our valuations you will know the price in the market of a certain property, to achieve the fair exchange for both parties, (buyer and seller),of a property during the negotiation.

If you need to make a review we can help you. We’ll explain the process we’re following. We are fast and professional.

Real Estate Financing.

We help you finance your apartment or house in L’Ametlla de Mar, El Perelló or L’Ampolla as part of our real estate advisory service.

We advise you on the different mortgage conditions that are currently on the market in a transparent manner.

In this way, you will be able to make an informed decision about the mortgage that best meets your needs. An informed decision based on complete, accurate and truthful information about the loan.

We are not representatives of any bank. Our job is to advise our clients, (without commitment and free of charge), so that they get the best payment conditions to buy their apartment or house without becoming a financial burden in the future.

We are aware that hiring a home loan is one of the most important economic operations of our lives.

Just as no two homes are exactly the same, there shouldn’t be two home loans the same. Therefore, we will advise you on which mortgage conditions could favor you most based on your particular needs and circumstances.

Looking to invest in real estate assets?

Solex Inmobiliaria has a wide portfolio of properties and we are specialized in real estate advice to investors to help them optimize their profitability.

L’Ametlla de Mar, El Perelló or L’Ampolla has been experiencing in recent years an unprecedented increase in the number of national visitors and tourists visiting us and the real estate sector is no stranger to this circumstance.

As a result, investments in real estate assets for tourism exploitation,but also for the traditional purpose of long-term rental, are becoming more important.

We advise you adapting to your investor profile so that you get an interesting return according to your expectations; whether you are a small investor or looking for much larger assets.

In addition, another advantage is that they have the advice of our company, so you should not worry if it is the first time you make a real estate investment. We take care of helping you throughout the process. Contact us and we will attend you in a personalized way.

Do you need to make a reform?

We put at your disposal everything you may need to optimize your current property or transform the new one to become whatever you want. The limits are set by you. We put everything else in.

Small and large housing reforms, renovations, adaptations of premises and offices, turnkeyprojects, complex works, new construction.

We provide you with the complete project and the trusted professionals who will carry out the work, adjusting to the agreed budget and complying with the stipulated deadlines and maximum quality guarantees.

Services for Foreign Investors

Are you a Foreign Citizen and Want to Buy a Property in L’Ametlla de Mar, El Perelló or L’Ampolla? We can help you in how you should buy them and what documentation you need.

If you are looking to acquire the Spanish residence, the solex Inmobiliaria team will provide you with the necessary information to collect all the documentation and we will guide you in the process.

In addition, we offer you a comprehensive service throughout the process, helping you in the purchase of the property in the administrative procedures and local procedures for a successful process.

Why Solex Real Estate?

Because we know the real estate market well in L’Ametlla de Mar, El Perelló or L’Ampolla.

We are professionals and we will get your property fast and at the best price.

Personalized service in the search for your property.
Complete dossier of the property, including analysis of prices and services in the area. All our properties are inspected and presented without minor damage.

We accompany you in the negotiation,purchase and financing.
If you are a foreigner and want to acquire your property in L’Ametlla de Mar, El Perelló or L’Ampolla we assign your interpreter during the visit to the property, we book your hotel and show you the area. If you buy with us we accompany you throughout the process of this change of residence.

Ask us without obligation for all the advantages and services of buying with Solex Real Estate are many more.

Contact us by phone: 877 91 60 91 or send an email to and we will give you a personalized service.

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