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We Save You Time, Effort and Money

Our business approach and business ethics is based on helping you buy your home or not selling a home acting as intermediaries. At Solex Real Estate we advise our clients to save time and money.

We do not sell any property that is overrated. Going to a professional real estate consultant who knows the real estate market well in L’Ametlla de Mar, El Perelló and L¡Ampolla is your best option. For example, some of the best properties offered to us exclusively by the owners, we do not promote them online, because they are sold as soon as they are offered to one of the customers who has left us their data.

With our recommendations we prevent the purchase of your home from being a constant concern about whether or not you will be deceived; about whether you’ll be paying too much or about whether you’re going to come across nasty surprises months after buying your home.

With our advice and knowledge of the real estate market in L’Ametlla de Mar, El Perelló and L¡Ampolla, you will feel safe or secure and you can make the best decision when buying.

To think that the most important thing in the purchase of a property in the areas of L’Ametlla de Mar, El Perelló and L¡Ampolla is the price, is to make a basic error. The price matters, but there are other factors that will tell you if the offered price matches the value you will get as a buyer or investor.

Generally, what is purchased below the market price ends up coming out more expensive.

Solex Real Estate is not a typical intermediary agency; we are real estate advisors who will help you buy at the best market price the property you are looking for. In our real estate agency we advise free of charge and without obligation to people looking for a home in these areas.

The 3 Best Tips for Buying Your Home.

While researching how the real estate market is in order to buy a home you should follow these 3 recommendations:

First Recommendation: Calculate your Actual Budget. Normally the amount to be spent on the purchase of your home should not exceed 40 of your monthly net income. Please note that the purchase of a home entails additional expenses between 10 and 12 of the sale price of the property.

That 40 of your monthly income (multiply them by 0.4) would be the “ideal monthly” of your mortgage. Look for a mortgage that allows you to pay that ideal monthly fee. The amount of your mortgage, plus your savings would be the price of the home you should look for (which will include the expenses).

Second Recommendation:
Choose the most suitable area. In this election will influence emotional factors (closeness of parents, family, friends, the neighborhood of “all life”…) and objective factors (prices of the area, transport, parking, green areas, shopping centers, urban services…). Both are important and keeping them in mind will help you make the right decision.

Third Recommendation:
Have a pretty rough idea of the home you want. If you know what you want and it is realistic you will find the home you are looking for We tell you from experience.

Get a mental picture of the property you need and/or want and consult with a professional real estate consultant, we offer you all our properties and the rest of real estate with which we collaborate and we know what suits your request.

Your Best Choice

Your best option is to contact a Professional Real Estate Advisor. We know that you will start searching online and start comparing prices and areas and features of various homes. And we also know that sooner or later you’re going to get tired of calling real estate agencies, visiting real estate, hearing false promises; seeing high prices.

Finding the property you are looking for is faster with the help of a professional real estate consultant. At the beginning of the search it seems easy,but it is not. You will say, “After all, it’s about calling and asking prices and arranging a visit.” You’ll soon discover, (if you haven’t already)that you haven’t. After the 4 or 5 calls or visits you will start to doubt that it will be impossible to find what you want.

Contact Solex real estate and what seems impossible to find will become possible. With our help and advice you will save time, money and unpleasant surprises.

Contact us and we will inform you how we have helped people like you get the home they were looking for at an appropriate price and how to finance it according to your situation.

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