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Is that clear. You want to sell your home quickly and at the best possible price. Well, we will advise you professionally to get it.

Doing it on your own is not a good decision. There are many questions, about the sale of a property, which you are likely to be unaware of. It is preferable that you know the reality of a trained and experienced advisor.

My team and I are aware that you are selling a good in which you have invested time,affection and, most likely, also a good part of your savings.

The sale of a house quickly and for the “right price”, (appropriate, not cheap), is a work that has its complexity. The price of a property influences and is important, but it is not the determining factor when it comes to selling a house quickly and for what it really is worth.

You may be surprised, but many homes sell below their actual value, because the owner has not been well advised or the sale has been mis negotiated.

On the contrary; many other homes are not sold because, being the poorly advised owner, they are traded at an overvalued price that cannot be negotiated, when it has to be done.

A house that is put on the market today, but that has not been prepared for sale and is wrongly promoted, within 2 weeks can appear forgotten in the last positions of any real estate portal.

Getting 10 or 15 calls in the first 2 weeks, including half a dozen visits to your home, doesn’t mean you’re going to sell it fast or your price is right.

When an owner is not well advised, in 6 weeks he can experience all kinds of mixed feelings, starting with expectation and safety, to move, little by little, to doubt, from there to the disappointment, of this to feel let down, hence to the anger, and, finally, to believe nothing and be suspicious.

The 3 Best Tips for Selling Your Property Successfully.

Before you put your home up for sale, you should follow these 3 recommendations:

First Tip:
Seek Advice to Set The Price. A professional real estate consultant will set the highest price on the market for your property, you will find the person who knows how to value the price of your property and defend your price with sound arguments.

Second Council:
Locate all documentation that you own. You must have located all the documents related to your property, since all are necessary to make a real estate sale:

  • Writing of sale.
  • Property Registry Data.
  • Last receipt from the IBI (Property Tax).
  • Community Statutes (if the document exists).
  • Certificate of Pending Debt (if no mortgage is yet).
  • Registration cancellation of the mortgage (if it has already been paid but in the Register is not ‘free of charges’. (It has to be paid by the seller).

Third Council:
Don’t hide the details that disadvantage your home.
Stipulate an appropriate sale price according to the conditions of your property and you will never have a problem with the details that do not favor your property. Your home is worth what it’s worth, because it’s in the conditions it’s in. This is understood by anyone.

Do you want to get a more advantageous price for your home? Make renovations and let the real estate consultant use home staging to sell it better and faster.

In Solex Real Estate we will sell you your home quickly and at the best market price. We assure you this, because we are backed by the experience of hundreds of satisfied customers. We offer you:

  • A free valuation of your property made professionally.
  • We prepare the Energy Certificate of your property for free.
  • We prepare a professional photo report.
  • We will record a professional video of your property.

We promote all the properties that trust us exclusively in various online media; in which we invest more budget than other agencies to guarantee us to get to the buyer in a short time. That’s why we sell fast.

Our way of getting the client looking for a property like yours is slightly different than other agencies and agents do. A process and strategy that allows us to sell the 90 of the properties that we promote in less than 90 days.

Contact us and we will inform you how we get it. In Solex real estate we do not give excuses; we sell.

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